Clearance at attractive rates, with shipment within 48 hours.

We now offer destocking of our downgraded products (also known as “dormant stock”). Do you have a specific request? A one-off order? Find below the list of our unsold products with their specifications and prices.

As part of a sustainable development approach, Acnis International is committed to reusing and remarketing its unsold stock in order to reduce the ecological balance of raw material resources.

We offer our most loyal customers a wide and complete range of products: titanium alloys (Grade 23, Grade 5, Grade 2, etc.), stainless steels (17-4 PH, 316 LVM, etc.), chrome cobalt and polymers, in the form of bars, plates, tubes, screws, fittings and powder for additive manufacturing.



100% guaranteed traceability

Our second choice products are 100% traceable and come from unsold products, modified orders or end of production. They have specifications that meet all the specifications of industrialists (medical, aeronautical, space, industrial) and have the most used standards.

We also have riblons that we sell in complete batches for various industrial applications (photo below).

NOTE: All items are subject to prior sale and quantities are limited. Shipping costs depend on the quantity ordered, the length of the pieces and, of course, your location. Please call or email us for a shipping quote.