ACNIS International, recognized since 1991, as one of the main suppliers of products for the orthopedics, trauma, spine, dental and maxillofacial sectors, has a full range of materials to meet your needs. needs both in implantology and instrumentation.

Products dedicated to Medical

Stainless steel Titanium Polymer Cobalt chrome

Why choose titanium ?

Titanium is widely recognised as the material of choice in the medical industry for its excellent biocompatibility with the human body.

Other materials stocked by ACNIS International present similar characteristics and are commonly being used for medical applications : 316LVM and High-Nitrogen Alloyed Stainless Steels, Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum, PEEK and Polyethylen (UHMWPE) most notably.

ACNIS International offers from stock a wide range of metal and plastic products for joint reconstruction (implants used for the replacement of knee, hip, wrist, shoulder, ankle or elbow), spinal implants, ostheosynthesis (bone screws, trauma plates) and dental applications (implants and CAD/CAM dentistry, from bars and discs).



  1. Biocompatibility>
  2. Excellent mechanical properties
  3. Strength to weight ratio
  4. Resistance to corrosion

ACNIS International, serving the medical industry since 1991


ACNIS International has been approved by the majority of the industry’s OEMs and their subcontractors and delivers a wide range of materials used for orthopaedic implants.

While medical grade titanium is our core business, our range also encompasses Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum, implantable and non implantable Stainless Steels, UHMWPE Polyethylen and PEEK.


Dental Implants titanium

Titanium is a metal of choice for dental implants. Pure titanium – Grade 2 and Grade 4 more particularly – as well as the versatile Ti6Al4V alloy are most commonly used in the industry. The high strength of titanium makes it a metal of choice for dental applications.

ACNIS offers marked and chamfered bars with tight tolerances.

Our range also includes Titanium with higher tensile strength: Grade 4 with UTS > 915 Mpa and Ti6Al4V with UTS > 1095 Mpa, specifically designed for the dental industry.

We also have material compliant to the ISO 20160.


Medical Instrumentation stainless-steel

Our medical inventory also includes special materials for medical instrumentation.

17-4PH(1.4542), 420B, Custom 455 ® and Custom 465 ® stainless steels most notably.

Some products like 17-4PH stainless-steel are also offered in flat bars.

Quality is a priority for us. We have been ISO 13485 registered since 2008.